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Wait List Policy and Lists

We offer a wait list for Old English Sheepdog and Cocker Spaniel Puppies. There is $50 fee to be on the waitlist.  That is a fee, it is not refundable - however, we will apply that fee to the deposit of a puppy if and when you choose to purchase one.   We do not use hormones for breeding, so we can not guarantee the timing or success of a breeding.  The list below is based on expectations, but we can not guarantee that a dog will get pregnant or how many puppies will be available.

We try to keep the list accurate and give a realistic picture of how many people are actually planning to pick a puppy from upcoming litters, in order to do that, we have set the following guidelines....

We will now have a PICK LIST  and a  WAIT LIST.  The PICK LIST will be families that have confirmed that they are planning to pick from the next available litter.  New families will be placed on the Pick List unless they spcifically request a certain timeframe or pairing, in that case, they will be placed on the PICK LIST for that litter at the time that breeding is confirmed.   If you are on the Pick List and when you are offered a puppy, you are not ready to choose, you will be moved to the Wait List.  Families on the Wait List will be able to use their $50 Wait List Fee credit to  choose a puppy from any litter AFTER the Pick List for that litter has chosen their puppies. 

Only families with Pick of the Litter are guaranteed a particular spot in the line up.  We do pick according to the order in which you joined the wait list (with the POL exception), however, as per our policies, we do reserve the right to retain any puppies we choose to at any time. 

 Once the puppies have been cleared by the vet, pictures will be posted and the puppies will be up for deposit.  Those on the wait list will get a chance to place a deposit on a puppy in the order their fee was received, however, we will not hold others from making a deposit on any puppy available if you are not ready.  Once the entire list has been notified, the puppies will be made available to others.    If you would like to be on our wait list, go to the available puppy page and click the Wait List Fee link to pay the fee and be added to the list.  

Deposits are not refundable for any reason, so please be sure to ask any questions you have before placing a deposit.

*We are, periodically, asked about getting the "pick of the litter", we will now offer that option at a premium.  Pick of the litter will be available for $300..This is in addition to the cost of the puppy and must be paid  when you request that position.   Only one pick of the litter will be offered, per sex,  for each litter, POL is available for any litter until the puppy claiming has begun. - Pick of the litter has until 2 weeks of age to choose their puppy, then the rest will be placed for deposits to the wait list, then the public.   The POL fee is non-refundable


**Please note that these are tentative plans.  They may change based on when the girls cycle and our wait list needs.  When there are changes, we will note those changes here immediately and notify our Facebook followers via the FB page.

Our planned litters for 2023 puppies



Maggie x George - Puppies arrived on 3/2/23

Sky x Pharoah - Sheepadoodle Puppies expected in April

Lizzy x Henry Planned breeding for Old English Sheepdogs in May 2023

Namoi x Henry- Expected breeding in May 2023


2022 Breeding Plan

Old English Sheepdog Wait List

Pick list for our next litter

Taryn B - Female POL

Beth C - Male

Penny L - Female

Jill C - Male


Wait list - These families have been through a pick list and passed.  They will be offered a place on the pick list for the next litter that has room available. 

Sheri D  - Male

Elise P - Female

Sheepadoodle Pick List

The following families will be choosing a puppy from our next litter


Rosanna F - Female

Janet H

Mel D

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