This purchase will guarantee Pick of the Litter for our next available litter in the gender you request.   Please be sure to check the wait list on this site to find out if the upcoming litter's POL has been purchased or if it is available.  The list will show any POL purchases at the very top of the list.


If you are seriously considering this purchase, please read the Additonal Info below. 

Pick of the Litter spot

  • Once we are able to determine eye color you will be notified that it is time to pick your puppy.  You will then have 24 hours to make a decision on which puppy you want.  If you do not make a decision in 24 hours, you will forfeit this position.  You are not locked into a gender, however, if the opposite gender position has also been purchased, you will need to wait until they have chosen to switch genders and choose a puppy from the opposite gender.  THIS IS NOT PART OF THE PURCHASE OR DEPOSIT.  THIS IS A FEE THAT BUYS YOU THE PRIVLEDGE OF CHOOSING FIRST.  YOU WILL STILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE OF YOUR PUPPY.