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Our Prices

These prices are a guideline depicting where are prices are today and may change at any time based on market prices, demand, etc.  If you join the wait list, we do guarantee that price until you are offered a puppy, unless you are looking for something specific ( eyes, rare markings, etc.), then you are guaranteed the pricing as stated when you got on our list until you could get a puppy, but decide to wait on the specific trait you are looking for.  At that point, you can stay in place on the list, but if prices change you will be offered a puppy at the current market rate when you do decide to get a puppy.

Old English Sheepdogs

Male OES $1300

Female OES - $1300 

Blue eye  - add $250 per blue eye

Puppies born blue ( silver at birth ) $250


Sheepadoodles $1300

This is our last litter of Sheepadoodles.  They will be going home on August 16th - 20th, 2023.  You may join the wait list now, we will allow families to start choosing puppies 


Our Policies


  • All of our Old English Sheepdogs come with full AKC registration unless there is a reason the dog should not reproduce.

  • We are open to consulting with those who are thinking about breeding without judgment.

  • We stay in touch with all families that would like to via our Facebook page.

  • We are happy to provide information for you to contact our vet and any previous buyers.

  • Due to the raising crime problem with people visiting kennels, we no longer allow people to visit our home.  We do this for the safety of our family and of your puppies.  We are open to video chats and phone calls at any time.   We also welcome you calling our vet and have many options for references.

  • We accept deposits via this website or check (you must have at least 3 weeks for the check to clear before picking up your puppy), your choice. Deposits are non-refundable.  

  • Once you have a puppy on deposit (or are on the waitlist), it is your responsibility to stay in touch with us.  If we make three attempts to contact you via the primary channel of communication we have been using to communicate  with you, and you do not respond, any deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will placed with another family.  

  • Puppies are released to families at 7 weeks of age with the vets approval.  You will need to know the expected transfer date before placing a deposit.  If you can not take possession of your puppies by 8 weeks of age, you will be charged $50 per day for boarding, food, and additional training until the puppy is in your possession, and you will be responsible to reimburse us for an 8 week vaccination that will be done at our vet.  

  • If you do not pick up your puppy as agreed, we reserve the right to cancel the sale and you will forfeit your deposit.  In this case, any other monies collected will be refunded.

  • We prefer cash for final payment.  If you are uncomfortable with cash, you may use this website but will need to pay the 3% fee.  Due to scammers and forgery, we do not accept any type of check for final payment.

No, we will not accept a cashiers check for more than the purchase price and give your transport guy cash and one of our precious puppies......GET A JOB!


We do not require a contract.  


We are happy to personally  fly the puppy to you in the cabin of a plane.   We will bring the puppy to an airport within 2 hours of your home, hand him to you at baggage claim, and then collect the balance due when your puppy is in your arms.  The fee for this service varies depending on ticket prices and is usually in the $500-700 range.

  For purchases of $1000 or more....We will also meet up within an hour of our home for free if you are coming to pick your puppy up to knock a couple of hours off your trip.  We have set places that we meet families and will notify you of those places and dates when you pick a puppy.  If you can not meet us at those times, you will need to come to our area to pick up your puppy for pay for a delivery fee which is $1.50 per mile each way (this has recently changed due to increasing gas prices)  Purchases of less than $1000 will need to pick up their puppy in Fayetteville, TN.  We will meet you at the courthouse for security for all invoiced.


  • If you can not keep your puppy, we do have a buy back program.  If you decide the puppy is not a fit during the first 10 days, you may return the puppy for a full refund minus the deposit. 

  • If you can not keep your puppy after the first 10 days, we will take the puppy back and find a new home.   We take these puppies to our vet for a complete check up and to make sure all shots are UTD, then rehome them.  We have had great success with this. 

  • If your vet diagnoses your puppy with a life threatening genetic issue in the first year of his life and that diagnosis is verified by DNA,  we will replace the puppy with a puppy of our choosing from our next available litter, after the puppy is returned to us.  Returning the puppy is the buyers responsibility.  

  • While we support your freedom to make the decision to breed your dog if you choose to, we do not sell "breeding stock" and will not guarantee that any dog will produce puppies and will not consider refunds or exchanges because  a dog can not or should not be bred for any reason.  Our puppies are sold as pets first and foremost;  and if you will not want your dog if she can not be bred, we are not the breeder for you.

We work with the puppies daily to pass on a puppy that is well mannered and has a mild temperament.  However, dogs are dogs and certain behavior is to be expected and dealt with as they grow such as nipping, jumping, even growling sometimes.  It is up to you to continue training your puppy after they come into your home. 

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